Reflection on CheeseSportsLife and What’s to Come

The last time I published a blog post for was on October 19, 2011. I started the blog a year before that in effort to improve my writing skills as a communications professional. It blossomed into more than I had ever imagined but has died since faded into the darkness.

Founder of Midwest Sports Fans, Jerod Morris, caught a glimpse of my blog through Twitter and was intrigued by my sports angle. In five short months, I was writing my first baseball post as a sports blogger. It was a proud moment for me. Not long after that, I was asked to write about the Packers. That was that. I was sucked into the sports media world. My passion for writing had collided with my die-hard sports driven soul to create opportunities I didn’t even realize were there.

It became too much for me. Slowly I backed away from the chaos. I began to lose my drive to create riveting sports content. Sometimes you just want to pout when your team loses instead of analyze every move. I believe there are situations that don’t need explanation. They just happen. Rehashing every move became old, and predicting the future made me feel like a glorified fortune teller who was only cool because I was referencing Sunday’s big game.  I still love sports, and I still love being a part of the discussion, just in a smaller sense. Heck, you can listen to me blab about the Packers on Behind Enemy Lines each week with my good friend Chris Callaway.

Moving forward, I will begin to bring new life back to CheeseSportsLife. I am going to continue to talk about sports when the moment is right, but there may be some new topics popping up.

Alright. In the words of Bud Light, here we go! Someone PLEASE hold me accountable for keeping this baby alive.

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A young marketing/business professional. Social Media guru. Sports fanatic. Lover of wine and beer. Cheesehead (both the Team and the food). View all posts by Amanda Lawson

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