My Summer Bucket List

It’s been awhile since my last post. Ok. It’s been a LONG while since my last post. So much has happened over the past few months, and I have simply lost track of my personal writing. A big no-no in the blogging world. I want to prevent my busy schedule from messing up my plans again.

Who isn't ready for summer fun?

To stay on top of my life, I’ve decided to create a bucket list for this summer. I put together a list of six things I want to do this summer. Hopefully, my loyal readers (if I have any left after my dry spell) will hold me accountable.

1. Make one blog post a week.

I didn’t think this would be a hard task to manage. Writing takes time, and time is limited for me. I keep putting my personal blog on the back burner for more important things. I was focusing all my time on the new writing tasks I had just picked up, and I let my personal blog slip away. Between work and writing for Midwest Sports Fans and Aerys Sports, I have become a writing machine. Now that I’m ready to start focusing time toward my blog, I need to set the bar. I think one post a week is perfect for easing back in.


2. Read four books for fun.

There was once  time when I could read a book in one or two days. Unfortunately, my busy schedule does not allow that luxury anymore. Four is my goal for the summer. The first book I am reading is Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. It’s a doozy. I can tell by the five and a half page character roster Follett has listed at the beginning of the book. The other three books on the list are East of Eden by John Steinbeck, For One More Day by Mitch Albom, and The Mormon Murders by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith.

3. Find the best Bloody Mary in Dubuque.

Ahhhh, Bloody Marys. Such a wonderful creation. I want to find the best one here and make that bar, restaurant, country club or whatever it is, my Sunday afternoon hangout spot. I would prefer if the venue had an outdoor patio for me to relax on and enjoy my delicious treat.

4. Watch the Twins win a game.

And I mean while I am at the game cheering them on. This has been a goal since I decided to become a Twins fan. It didn’t seem so impossible back then. I have tickets to watch the Twins take on the Brewers at Target Field over Fourth of July weekend. If they lose, I will buy tickets for the White Sox-Twins game in Chicago the following weekend. This could be an expensive goal.

5. Tour a local brewery.

As a Wisconsinite, it is important to know the best local brews around. What better way to learn about them other than by going on a brewery tour?! Here are three that I have considered touring.

New Glarus Brewing Company

Potosi Brewing Company

Minhas Craft Brewery

6. Go sky diving.

This is something I have wanted to do for a while. It’s hard to find others who are willing to actually commit. Many people are terrified of heights, and jumping out of a plane hundreds of feet above ground isn’t exactly their idea of fun. Once I find my jumping companion, I will be set and ready to fly. Er, I mean fall.

It’s a short list. But I think it will help me remember my goals and prevent the summer from slipping by me. If you were to make a summer bucket list, what would you put on it?

About Amanda Lawson

A young marketing/business professional. Social Media guru. Sports fanatic. Lover of wine and beer. Cheesehead (both the Team and the food). View all posts by Amanda Lawson

9 responses to “My Summer Bucket List

  • Carie Small

    Amanda, I love this list! I think you’ll be able to do it :) I can’t wait to hear about your adventures this summer. I went to the New Glarus Brewery last fall, it’s gorgeous – I’m a big micro-brew fan, so I use words like “gorgeous” to describe them ;)
    You can use your search for the best Bloody Mary alone to knock out your one post a week.
    Have fun skydiving. My absolute favorite sport for the last 14 years :) There’s a great drop zone in Zephryhills, Florida called “Skydive City” – it’s only about 30 minutes from where Tampa Breeze practices (open tryouts on June 12th)… just sayin’

  • Marilyn


    I applaud your efforts to try to see your team win, and I would love for you to come watch them lose in Chicago too. However, the weekend the twins come to Chicago in July is the weekend Greg’s brother is getting married, so I will be busy with lots of wedding activities. I might be able to do the Thursday night game or possibly the Sunday afternoon game (but I wouldn’t be able to hang out the rest of the weekend, which would be a bummer). I do see that they are coming at the end of August (when I am also busy with job interviews for school, but two of the games are night games, which shouldn’t be an issue). Let me know if you do decide to come to Chicago. I miss you!

    • Amanda Lawson

      I will definitely let you know. And some how, as terrible as the Twins are, they still managed to beat the White Sox this season. I hope they can keep that up! I miss you too!

  • Jeremy Anderberg


    1) Ken Follett is a GREAT author. I’ve heard phenomenal reviews about that book and it is currently on my list as well. I’ve only read Pillars of the Earth (written in the 80s), and it was another behemoth, but well worth it.

    2) I apologize on behalf on my beloved Twins. As someone who helped convince to come to our side, I am slightly ashamed. :-) Alas, now you know the pain of all Minnesota sports fans! ha.

    3) Wisconsin brew tours .. such a good choice! Minhas has decent beer. That wouldn’t be my first choice. New Glarus would be a great choice, and I’ve not had Potosi. Leinie’s is probably my favorite WI beer up to this point.

    Thanks for the goods!

    • Amanda Lawson


      1) I LOVE Ken Follett. I read Pillars of the Earth a few years ago and loved it.

      2) Not your fault. Teams have their ups and downs. I came in on the down. I have no regrets over my choice to follow the Twins. Still find the organization and team to be top notch.

      3) I have tasted brews from all three breweries. Apparently New Glarus has a fantastic tour.

      Thanks for reading!

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