Hello Baseball. My name is Amanda. Nice to meet you.

Now that football season is over, the Packers returned the Lombardi trophy to Titletown and talk of the NFL lockout is looming in the air, I need a new sport to entertain me. My constant reliving of the past season (especially the playoff weeks) is bound to get on my friends’ nerves–many of them are not Packer fans. So…now what?

Kelli, my roommate, loves the Cardinals. And she started talking about baseball season shortly after the Super Bowl. Some really good player was negotiating a contract and some of her silly friends were saying he was going to some other stupid team. That was all I heard because I was off in La La land thinking about Aaron Rodgers “Belting” to a victory with the “We Are the Champions” theme song running through my head. Yep, I am obsessed. I soon realized my friends who cheered for other teams in the NFL had moved on to the next sport. I decided that maybe it was time for me to dabble into something new.

Is he saying 'Go Brewers' ? I can't tell.

Now I understand the game of baseball. The basics at least. But as far as how the MLB works, I am clueless. So I am doing some research and getting tips from some baseball-savvy friends to help me understand America’s pastime. It’s still difficult for me to really find the passion. Yes, I know. The season hasn’t even started yet. Maybe, I just need to decide what team to follow.

But that’s the hard part. What team should I follow? My dad was a huge influence on my love for the Packers. But he’s not really big into baseball. This is when I turn to you. We laid out the options for Kelli when she was trying to decide which NFL team to follow. I want to do the same in my quest to find a baseball team.

Here are the teams I am currently focused on:

Milwaukee Brewer’s. Since I am from Wisconsin, I feel it is only necessary to at least dig in to find out if I really like the qualities of this team. I do enjoy going to Miller Park for games. Atmosphere is great. But I really don’t know much about the organization or team structure.

Minnesota Twins. I have a few friends who are very passionate about this team. Some reasons: home-grown talent, medium budget team, great fan base, sweet stadium, the list goes on. Again, I don’t know anything about them.

St. Louis Cardinals. I hear the stadium is awesome. Another team with great talent but not buying out players. Fan base spreads across the nation.

Here is where I need some help from the outside world. Right now, none of these teams line up ahead of the others. Please share your thoughts. Why should I choose one over the other?

But keep this in mind:

1. I am looking for a team I can follow for years, not just today. That doesn’t mean they have to be AWESOME. But I want them to be real. An organization that has it together and that I can respect.

2. It’s about the TEAM not the players. If Joe Mauer looking fine on the field is the reason you follow the Twins, I will smack you. Stunning good looks don’t win you baseball games…unless this is a Hollywood movie. But it’s not.

3. I am open to other teams besides the ones listed above. However, I want to see my team play at their home stadium. If you have a good reason I should follow someone else, please enlighten me.

I don’t care if you have a biased opinion. As long as you have the facts to back it up, I will take it into consideration. If the trash talk gets too messy, I will delete your post.


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3 responses to “Hello Baseball. My name is Amanda. Nice to meet you.

  • Jill

    Oh boy…this is serious…BTW nice blog, luv it!! Well here are my 2 cents worth….I find baseball/softball very enjoyable to play…watching can get a bit boring…last year when I went to the Cubs game with my Dad, Uncle and Cousin I was falling asleep in my chair!!! There is no play clock, so the pitcher can stand there with the ball, looking at the runner on first, checking the call from the catcher, back to the runner on first, back to the catcher, back to first, catcher, first, catcher, first…then throw the ball….strike 1….now repeat, LOL! But baseball fans are pretty diehard fans….and I’m all about drinking beer and being outside so I too feel it would be a good sport to get involved in….however living in Iowa liking the Cubs is what’s expected, but being from Pennsylvania being a Philly Phanatic is a good choice too….do I really care at this point, not really, I own a Cubs shirt (bought last year at the game) and Ty has a Phillies hat (bought at the Philly game when they beat the Cubs)…my opinion at this point “WHATEVER”…knowing nothing about baseball, I do know that I do not like the Yankee’s or their fan’s to cocky for me…kinda like the Dallas Cowboys and their fans…..good luck with your guest for baseball love, keep me updated I too may jump on your bandwagon!!

    Oh and final note, baseball food is AWESOME…HELLO HUGE NACHOS SERVED IN A BATTING HELMET!!!

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  • Winfred

    howdy, very good article, and a fairly good understand! at least one for my book marks.

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