Reflection on CheeseSportsLife and What’s to Come

The last time I published a blog post for was on October 19, 2011. I started the blog a year before that in effort to improve my writing skills as a communications professional. It blossomed into more than I had ever imagined but has died since faded into the darkness.

Founder of Midwest Sports Fans, Jerod Morris, caught a glimpse of my blog through Twitter and was intrigued by my sports angle. In five short months, I was writing my first baseball post as a sports blogger. It was a proud moment for me. Not long after that, I was asked to write about the Packers. That was that. I was sucked into the sports media world. My passion for writing had collided with my die-hard sports driven soul to create opportunities I didn’t even realize were there.

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Fulfilling a Lost Bet to Fire and Ice Sports

After Fire and Ice Sports invited to me be a guest on their show this week, we decided to make a friendly wager on the games last Sunday. The bet? If the Packers scored  more than the Giants, my new friends would be required to wear a beautfiul T-shirt saying “Aaron Rodgers is my hero!” If the Giants scored more points than the Packers, I would have to wear a shirt saying, “Eli Manning is my hero!”

Of course, I lost. The Giants scored a field goal more than the Packers. Of course I can’t be too disappointed–my Packers still won.

To hear more about the bet and talk about the NFL in the midwest, join us 8 pm Central. Live feed here.

Here’s the result:

Today’s Technology: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Technology is no longer just a benefit for those who can afford it. It is for everyone and anyone. Technology has even become more than just a way of life. Technology is survival—survival of a brand, survival of staying connected, and survival of the individual.

Google + has opened another line of communication within the social media world; one more way to stay connected. While these tools help us stay in touch and up-to-date with the world, they can also create miscommunication when not used properly.

Here is my break down of technology today.

The Good
I love social media and digital technology. The ability to connect with others who share the same passions I do never fails to amaze me. Heck, Twitter was how I landed my baseball column at Midwest Sports Fans and became a Packer Reporter for Aerys Sports. I use social media first to find my news. The ease of being able to filter out what you do and do not want is what makes these tools so appealing.

As an individual who uses the internet and social media on a daily basis for work, I understand exactly how powerful the impact a company can have on the consumer. The ability to have feedback almost immediately is a win-win for the customer and the company. Not only does a consumer have access to company info, news and customer service, the company can monitor consumer and industry trends.

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Grillin’ for a Cause with Craig True Value

Last weekend, my mom and I participated in a grilling contest. Craig True Value, in Darlington, WI, hosted the first ever “Grillin’ for a Cause” grilling contest during Canoefest. We created a delicious little taste of Jamaica, Jerk Shrimp Skewers served with grilled pineapple, onion and green pepper!

From brisket to shrimp, wild turkey and more, there was plenty to feast on. Taste testers (aka the voters) could pay $5 to sample each participants entry. All proceeds were donated to the Veteran’s memorial fundraiser. Take a look at how the event went below!

Here’s a look at our appetizing shrimp skewers!

Oh yeah, I am a professional griller!

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The Man on the Porch–Ken Mueller

I stole this idea from a Twitter friend (Thank you, @ginidietrich!). I have decided to recognize a Twitter friend who has provided me with valuable information, taught me something new, or has been great entertainment. For my first Follow Friday post, I’d like to talk about an individual who has hit all three of those points in the Twittering world.

Ken Mueller (@kmueller) is a Philly sports fanatic. And that’s how our Twitter conversation began; right after the Packers beat the Eagles in the playoffs (sorry to bring that up, again). Anyone who can talk sports, and stand my almost unbearable trash talk, is worth ‘following’.

Here are the reasons I follow Ken and find it worth your time to do the same.

1. Entertaining stories. Whether Ken is talking about the entertaining neighbors or the adventures of teaching a teenager to drive, he is bound to make you chuckle and want to join in the convo!

2. Excellent conversation. Ken is always ready to chat and discuss various topics of interest. You want to talk about business, current events, social media, or life in general, Ken will definitely bring some thought-provoking ideas to the table.

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My Summer Bucket List

It’s been awhile since my last post. Ok. It’s been a LONG while since my last post. So much has happened over the past few months, and I have simply lost track of my personal writing. A big no-no in the blogging world. I want to prevent my busy schedule from messing up my plans again.

Who isn't ready for summer fun?

To stay on top of my life, I’ve decided to create a bucket list for this summer. I put together a list of six things I want to do this summer. Hopefully, my loyal readers (if I have any left after my dry spell) will hold me accountable.

1. Make one blog post a week.

I didn’t think this would be a hard task to manage. Writing takes time, and time is limited for me. I keep putting my personal blog on the back burner for more important things. I was focusing all my time on the new writing tasks I had just picked up, and I let my personal blog slip away. Between work and writing for Midwest Sports Fans and Aerys Sports, I have become a writing machine. Now that I’m ready to start focusing time toward my blog, I need to set the bar. I think one post a week is perfect for easing back in.


2. Read four books for fun.

There was once  time when I could read a book in one or two days. Unfortunately, my busy schedule does not allow that luxury anymore. Four is my goal for the summer. The first book I am reading is Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. It’s a doozy. I can tell by the five and a half page character roster Follett has listed at the beginning of the book. The other three books on the list are East of Eden by John Steinbeck, For One More Day by Mitch Albom, and The Mormon Murders by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith.

Baseball, I am ready for you.

Picking up a new sport isn’t easy. I think I over estimated my sports knowledge. Just because I know football like I played for years, doesn’t mean I am savvy in other sports. And I quickly found that out. I also learned that you really need to have a team to cheer for before any sport becomes exciting.

That’s where we left off. You were helping me decide who is the best team for moi to follow. Thanks to your great advice, I finally chose a team that I thought was worthy of my “fanship”. My top three choices were the Milwaukee Brewers, the St. Louis Cardinals and the Minnesota Twins. I received a lot of pull toward the Brew Crew and the Twins. I guess most of my friends and tweeps are fans of those two teams. After careful consideration, I picked. And ordered my new baseball apparel.

Yesterday, the package finally arrived! I was so EXCITED. Dancing around my apartment, checking online to see what game I should go to, texting my friends telling them IT arrived. It was a ridiculous five minutes. So I guess this is the moment you all have waited for…

Hi, I’m Amanda. The newest fan of the…

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Hello Baseball. My name is Amanda. Nice to meet you.

Now that football season is over, the Packers returned the Lombardi trophy to Titletown and talk of the NFL lockout is looming in the air, I need a new sport to entertain me. My constant reliving of the past season (especially the playoff weeks) is bound to get on my friends’ nerves–many of them are not Packer fans. So…now what?

Kelli, my roommate, loves the Cardinals. And she started talking about baseball season shortly after the Super Bowl. Some really good player was negotiating a contract and some of her silly friends were saying he was going to some other stupid team. That was all I heard because I was off in La La land thinking about Aaron Rodgers “Belting” to a victory with the “We Are the Champions” theme song running through my head. Yep, I am obsessed. I soon realized my friends who cheered for other teams in the NFL had moved on to the next sport. I decided that maybe it was time for me to dabble into something new.

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And the Winner is…

For those of you who gave excellent advice to my roommate Kelli on what NFL team she should follow, this blog post is long overdue. After plenty of time to ponder, Kelli has made her decision.

Kelli is officially a fan of the New York Jets. I realize that it’s not the great Green Bay Packers. And yes, the Jets had their ups and downs this year. But I am so thankful that she decided to avoid the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings. I don’t think our apartment would be able to handle the football season if she hadn’t.

Welcome to the NFL Kelli. Let’s see what the draft has to bring.

Shonn Greene: One reason Kelli likes the Jets.

Application to become a Green Bay Packer Fan

So my co-worker sent me a lovely email today. She’s a die-hard Eagles fan. And I think she’s still a little bitter. Check it out and tell me what you think. I got a good laugh out of it. Oh and GO PACK GO!



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